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The Naugamatic Story

The Naugamatic Story starts with an often asked question; why did I become a watchmaker? Where did you learn this? Are there schools for this? The simple answer is yes there are many watch schools and the simple truth is I needed a job.

The story starts in Naugatuck Connecticut where I owned a home and opened a $500 shop where I changed watch batteries in 2008. I desired a career path during the recession of 2008. I did trade high end watches on my own account and traveled to Manhattan frequently to make trades; but i was disillusioned with the treatment I received in the trade and the inherent crookery characteristic of the watch trade. The watch trade is similar to the antique trade. If you don't ask; they won't tell you. There's much they won't tell you.

I did interview at the Rolex Watch Technicum In LItitz PA. I was not admitted as I was passed over for younger Virgin candidates. Subsequently there was an opening at the NAWCC Horology School in Columbia PA. There I commenced with pocket watch repair and dove deep into Hair Springs. i assure you that I was intimidated and equally intimidated by changing a watch battery back at my shop. There is so much room for error.

One thing that stood out that I'll never forget is when I over heard my teacher say to someone else that I was his most dedicated Student. I thought that funny cause I had never thought about my own passion or dedication to watchmaking. I truly needed a job and a career path and if this is what I was gonna do as my second career I was gonna hit the ball out of the park. I did not know in that moment what would manifest in me though.

During classes