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The Gerald Genta Donald Duck Jump Hour is certainly a complication movement. It is built with an eta 2892 base movement mounted on a Gerald Genta module. Whats interesting about this complication is that the time is driven not directly by a cannon pinion and hour wheel but by an eccentric snail mounted directly on the free cannon pinion. Another cannon pinion floats on the dial side and is driven indirectly by the dial side gears that are actually driven by the jump lever. The jump lever is raised by the eccentric snall and snaps south when it hits 60 minutes. This watch has an 18K gold bezel and costs upwards of $10000. I believe only 200 were made 20 years ago.

The watch came in for a new mainspring and service of the automatic module as the watch did not keep wind under power as it was not serviced for over 10 years. After a successful service of the complete base movement i found that the jump hour hand (Donald's Bat) had too much play in it. I was able to adjust the lower rack into correct position as it was not applying pressure to the corrector spring; which should maintain constant tension on the attached arm.

See demonstration.