Making a Watch by Hand

We do not render the audacity to make a false claim that our watches are completely made by hand from scratch. It takes a lifetime to achieve the skills and means to accomplish this. The extraordinary cost of this exceeds the scope of bringing a practical and affordable automatic watch to your wrist.

We do make our dials by hand from scratch and hand polish automotive lacquers with traditional flat polish watchmaking techniques. We upscale vintage ruby watch jewels and incorporate them in our watch dials using watchmakers jewel pressing techniques. 

The results are gorgeous dials that are one of a kind and custom made for each customer. 

Take into consideration that NWC HOROLOGY is the only watchmaker in New England that stands behind a truly hand made dial. 

Know that our business plan is unique as our watches are made by watchmakers and not by entrepreneurs that sub contract out jobs and assemble parts that they don't have a hand in. 




We service. repair and restore every timepiece in house; whether it is a vintage heirloom pocket watch with sentimental value, Swiss automatic mechanical or quartz wristwatch. We do not send work out. Our watchmakers stand behind every watch we repair and service. Our work is bonded by a rock solid reputation that is backed by our financial resources and vast parts inventory.

This is one of a kind relationship watchmaking. You can walk into our working museum and shake hands with the person that is servicing your timepiece. 

We offer less than a one week turn around time on your Rolex timepiece. If you need it done for that special vacation just text us and we will make sure we have parts ready in advance so you can have your special watch in time. 

We text you photos of your watch on intake, photos of your watch parts disassembled, photos of broken parts and problem issues and video of your running watch after assembly and lubrication. 

A Relationship Watchmaker

​​NWC HOROLOGY celebrates 10 years in Connecticut. We service repair and restore Rolex, Omega, Breiltling and many other Swiss brands. We are chronograph experts and attend to the Valjoux 7750 movement as well as vintage chronograph movements.


Our base business was built by restoring antique pocket watches; as well as the most complicated of all pocket watches - The Repeater. We perform museum quality restorations and take pride in our expertise as micro machinists and watch parts makers.

All of these attributes are fundamental to our ability to make our own watch and craft our dials by hand. 

By reputation this serious watchmaker takes on the most difficult work; such as re-threading of Rolex cases, case backs and case tubes. We have taken on many jobs rejected by the Rolex Service Center. 

Luxury Service

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